My Experience With The PMI-ACP

Today I passed the exam for Project Management Institute's Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). The certification is geared towards project managers, scrum masters, or other project professionals looking to improve their knowledge of agile methodologies and practices. This comes about one year after passing’s Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) exam and between the two,

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Think Like A Freak

Think Like a Freak builds on the following key ideas outlined in the first two books: Incentives are the foundation of life Measuring the right things helps simplify a complex world Conventional wisdom is often wrong Correlation doesn't equal causality. This book offers a prescriptive problem solving framework built upon the economic problem solving model

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Unlimited Memory

This post is a dump of notes I took while reading the book Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive by Kevin Horsely. This book caught my eye while searching for high quality, actionable material designed for memory optimization. Accelerated learning techniques have been

Unlimited Memory2018-08-18T21:01:48+00:00 The Quantified Self Dashboard for Everyone is a web service that connects different quantified self data and helps make sense of it. It tracks different attributes of daily life and visually represents them. From inputs like nutrition and sleep to custom attributes like reading or meditation, I use it to visualize trends and behaviors over time. Before I started The Quantified Self Dashboard for Everyone2018-08-18T21:25:13+00:00

30 Days With Welltory, Is It Worth It?

This article is a my review of Welltory. If you've come here from a search, I assume you already know the general premise of Welltory. Essentially, it’s a mobile app that measures heart rate variability to help users manage stress and energy.   Heart rate variability doesn’t = heart rate. HRV measures the variation

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Buckeye Lake Flight & Papa Boos Blowout

Buckeye Lake History & Happenings Buckeye Lake is a reservoir turned recreational lake located near Central Ohio.  The lake originally provided water to the Ohio and Eerie Canal and has a mildy interesting history which you can read about here. The lake allows all the usual recreational activities like boating, fishing, and lakeside attractions.

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Home Assistant + Docker: The Perfect Home Automation Match

This is a cautionary and true story about my Home Assistant + Docker setup. Home Assistant is an open source platform that’s a lot of DIY fun to transform your home or apartment into a lean mean, automated space. Docker is an open source tool (and company by the same name) used to simplify

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Walnut Street Park: Westerville’s Best Place To Fly & Race Drones

If you’re a (law abiding) drone hobbyist, it can be tough finding places to fly. Here’s some good news for those near Central Ohio. Walnut Street Park is a small neighborhood park located near Hoover Dam in Westerville, OH. It’s a small park surrounded by a ring a mature trees and a great spot

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Smart Home Devices (For Apartments)

Part of the fun of home automation is shopping for smart home devices. There's  so many options ranging from high end sleek sophistication to dirt cheap steampunk DIY solutions. But what if you’re not a homeowner? Is home automation still possible if you live in an apartment or other impermanent living arrangement? Yes! Not

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9 Apps & Tools You Can Use For A Quantified Self Framework

I’ve been practicing self quantification in one form or another for a over 5 years now. During my journey, quantified self apps have become more commonplace than when I first set out. The proliferation of quantified self apps has been so great, if I were starting over, the problem would be choosing which app

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