Today’s post is about a product that has a great concept with decent execution. The AeroGarden is an indoor, soil-free garden system that uses Keurig-like pods to grow herbs, peppers, and other vegetables. I like cooking with fresh herbs and veggies (who doesn’t) but they usually go bad before I use them all. The AeroGarden provides a simple, mess-free way to use just the right amount of herbs and veggies you need during cooking. For a black thumb like me, this is the easiest way to have a year-round supply of herbs without any hassle.

Just prune what you need and leave the rest in the garden to continue growing.

Each AeroGarden system contains a water reservoir, automated full-spectrum LED grow lights, and 2-24 slots for the grow pods depending on the model. To start the garden, just drop the pods in, fill the water tank, add some MiracleGro solution and that’s it. The lights pop on automatically for 15 hours each day. AeroGarden sells replacement pods which take anywhere from 4-10 days to sprout depending on the yield.

Fair warning – the lights are super bright. The water tank lasts up to two weeks without being filled but your mileage may vary depending on what’s being grown.

AeroGarden Harvest 360

Setting up the garden takes around 15 minutes with virtually no other maintenance required apart from keeping the water tank filled and occasionally trimming the veggies as they grow taller.

While the AeroGarden costs significantly more than outdoor (or windowsill) growing, it’s been well worth the added convenience and simplicity. A replacement pack of 6 pods runs about $20 with AeroGarden models ranging from $40-$200 depending on features like Wi-Fi connectivity, to size. You can learn more about AeroGarden here.

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