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Reading books and listening to audio books is a daily habit for me.

Over the years, I’ve been frustrated by often reading a non-fiction book only to find I forget the key points within a few weeks or even days of finishing.

Recently I started summarizing key concepts and actionable techniques while reading non-fiction. The intent is to boost comprehension and retention by summarizing in my own  words the major ideas and actionable techniques I obtained through reading.

This page contains posts of these outlines as another outlet to:

  1. Motivate me to keep up the practice by publicly publishing these summaries and
  2. Give me more writing practice.

Knowing that notes originally intended for private consumption will be published for all to see helps sharpen thoughts and generally results in more coherent cliffs.

My aim for these summaries is to keep things concise (under 1,000 words) and focused only on the major ideas and actionable takeaways. These articles aren’t meant as reviews of the actual books covered nor do they constitute an endorsement of the author or subject-matter under examination.

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