(Finally) Getting Started

I’ve been putting off this site for several years now. Reflecting on it, I don’t know why I waited so long or what was holding me back.

I like the concept of having a personal website as your own platform. Not you on Facebook, or you on someone else’s platform, but a platform of your own. Your domain, your rules, your content.

Sure, you may not achieve the same scale, but so what?

For me, I view a personal site as a platform to accomplish two things.

First, it’s a way for me to hone my writing in a public way by writing about things that interest me.

Writing is an invaluable skill multiplier that’s beneficial in all of life’s domains. It forces you to think clearly. Good writing cuts the fat out of a thought and articulates only the most salient details. I hope to look on my writing over time and see how it’s grown sharper which is ultimately a reflection of clearer thinking. 

The second, more utilitarian function of this site is to connect with other people.

This is my personal website and all content and opinions are mine alone. Nothing on this site should be taken as an endorsement or associated with representing the views of my friends, family, employers, or anyone other than me.  I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or any other type of advice dispensing professional. Keep that in mind should you get any fantastic notions and try something any combination of crazy, dangerous, or stupid after consuming content on this site.  Occasionally I use affiliate links for products or services that I use, like, and recommend.

To a reasonable extent, I’ve followed the spirit of copyright and Creative Commons licensing. That said, I’m only human. If you see any images, videos, or other content that belong to you and want attribution or the content removed altogether, just let me know and I’ll do my best to update it.

The Personal Part

With learning inevitably comes reading.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy all types of genres and tend to gravitate towards non-fiction with the purpose of ongoing education and development. For online content, I find the following content fascinating, inspiring, informative, entertaining, or all the above:

I tend to avoid television and haven’t had cable for over a decade. My philosophy for watching content is on demand, no ads, and on my schedule. This means I’m a big fan of services like Amazon, Udemy, and the other usual suspects. At the moment, my favorite series is Black Mirror, a modern day Twilight Zone. For the most part, I watch content to to learn and consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to live in a period of time when massive online learning communities have gone mainstream and area readily accessible. Beyond watching stuff, listening to audio books is a relatively new habit for me.

I used to exclusively fill the daily commute with music. 

Over time, I’ve found myself gravitating towards listening to books and podcasts. I’ve enjoyed the obvious benefits, such as learning new things and being constantly exposed to other experiences and ways of thinking. But I’m also more appreciative now when I do listen to music. Since it’s not so constant, I have to make it count and this helps me expand the catalog of genres and artists that I enjoy. It’s hard to categorize any single genre where I spend the bulk of my time. It usually ranges from technology to professional development, to health. Occasionally, I’ll listen to a work of fiction, biography, or work of history to help broaden my thinking.

Sometimes I like to take a more active role in music. To that end, I’ve played bass guitar of and off for 14+ years now. These days, I’m less interested in pursuing dreams of being a professional musician and find learning a new song or just playing an improvisation is an effective way to unwind.

Another way to relax is flying drones. I’ve found the Mavic Pro to be a great entry to the whole drone ecosystem. Eventually, I’d like to obtain a Part 107 and find ways to monetize this hobby. For now though, it’s just one more item in the backlog.

Alright. You made it to the end of the About page that gave you a small outline of who I am.  You can keep reading more thoughts here. 

josiah vorst